A complete security system for windows, Patio and sliding door requiring no additional burglar or steel security doors.

The Strength of Steel

Only the finest timber is used. Full glass sash for easy glazing and cleaning. The window is fully burglar guarded whether opened or closed.

Continuous lengths of solid round bar forms a steel grid which runs from top to bottom and side to side through the timber frame into the casing for maximum strength and security. ach overlap joint is welded for extra strength.


The Warmth of Wood

A New View to Security...

A home without security is an invitation to burglars - and unprotected windows are their first target. The problem for many homeowners is that burglar guards appear prison-like and unsightly and detract from the overall beauty of the home.

In addition, burglar guarding usually protects only the opening window section, leaving a large pane of glass unprotected. Strongwood offers an attractive solution. Solid steel bars, encased in quality hardwood, which extend the full length of the window, adding beauty as well as security to your home.


The warmth of wood is both appealing and hard-wearing. The strength of steel continues through the window frame and into the casing, so that even with the windows open, the house is well protected against burglary.
Patent no's: 90/8998 & 93/7366





  • Full Pane
  • Cottage pane
  • Awning
  • Mock Sash
  • Sliding Sash


  • French Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Door Frames
  • Purpose Made Doors
  • Folding Doors
  • Garage Doors
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